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ROR Ecommerce


The process of Referrals is simply:

  1. User submits and email address of a person
  2. Person gets and email
  3. Person signs up with the same email address
  4. User gets store credit
There are 4 primary models used for the referral process.

Also if you are using referrals be sure to have a cron job or background job giving store credit where appropriate. A sample cron job can be found at lib/tasks/referrals.rake.

After a user signs up for the app there is a after_create event called on the user. "set_referral_registered_at"
If "set_referral_registered_at" finds a referral associated with the user's email address the referring user will see that the user registered. This does not trigger any bonus. Once this User makes a purchase, the "purchased_at" attribute is set and the referring user will get credit the next time the `lib/tasks/referrals.rake` job is run.